Brian was born in a rusty, bottle green Volvo at the back of Dublin Airport in the late 1970’s. Family aside he is heavily influenced by 80’s Power Ballads, Neon Restaurant, Roald Dahl and Keira Knightley (a lot).

Brian aims to always be in the right place at the right time in the hope of pressing the right buttons on the increasingly technical Digital Cameras he owns, and sure if he doesn’t, sure no harm, it’s the thought that counts.

Brian almost always refers to himself in the third person giving him an air of almost celtic mysticism and subsequently making him sound much more intelligent than he actually is. Brian also wonders who actually reads this muck and instead doesn’t just judge the photographer on the quality of his images he/she produces in challenging lighting situations!

If you crave a decent biography its important you know the following. I am a professional, insured photographer operating at events, live music concerts and a variety of other location shoots throughout the country. I can travel to a shoot and have the use of a number of studios throughout the country should the photographic shoot require such.

I currently hold a BA in Photographic Media and always maintain my skills with perfection the ultimate goal. Feel free to contact me through this website, the Social Media links on the site or by phone. All details on the contact section!